The Benefits of Outdoor Exercise

It’s finally spring! Take your body to the next level while reaping a host of extra benefits just from stepping outside the gym door and into the sunshine. Are you ready to get started? 

Below are just a few of the benefits of outdoor exercise and reasons why you should throw it into your workout routine.

Change up the Workout Environment

Are you tired of staring at the same wall every day during your workout? Taking your workout outside gives you new scenery to look at—you can even change up your favorite workout spot every day!

Improve Mental Health

Your brain is an important muscle that often gets neglected. When you work out in the sunshine, you’ll be naturally boosting your serotonin and Vitamin D levels, which improve mood and enhance calm feelings.

Enjoy Fresh Air

When you’re breathing a mile a minute from that punishing cardio routine, you don’t want to be inhaling recycled indoor air. Get outside to eliminate pollutants and make sure you’re giving your lungs the fresh air they deserve.

Train With Friends

Unless all your fitness friends have a membership at your gym, chances are you don’t get to work out together very often.  Change that by moving to a local park for your fitness kick once or twice a week, and invite your buddies to join you. 

Experience a New Challenge

Unlike the flat, predictable gym floor, the great outdoors has many uneven surfaces, grassy clumps, potholes, and other obstacles that make workouts more unexpected and challenging.

You’ll give your body more of a challenge while doing the same exercises.

Meet New Friends

Many outdoor workout spaces are popping up around the country, especially in city parks and rec areas.

What better way to meet new friends than doing your morning routine in a local park? Chances are, you’ll meet a wider variety of people than you would in your favorite gym.

Save Money!

Did we mention that it’s free to work out in the great outdoors? You don’t need to pay extra for a membership or fees. Just find a public green space or use your backyard, and you’re ready to go!

How Does Nature Affect Physical Activity?

Being in nature has a huge effect on your physical activity.

Believe it or not, just stepping outside for your workout can make it feel much more effortless! The great outdoors lowers blood pressure and heart rate, and you’ll find more strenuous exercises feel less challenging.

Disadvantages of Outdoor Exercise

Like any other exercise, working out outside has its unique challenges. Here are a few obstacles you might encounter and some tips for getting around them:

  • Finding a Suitable Space

It can be a challenge to find somewhere green in your area. If you have a large park nearby, that’s great, but even your yard can become your outdoor gym in a pinch!

  • Weather

Working out in the pouring rain can be a daunting prospect. It’s okay to stay indoors for your workouts on those days (although we’ll give you brownie points for tackling a run in the rain!).

  • Equipment

Some equipment just doesn’t hold up well in the outdoors. To fix this, we offer several cerakote and urethane-coated options. Both coatings are durable and safe for use outdoors, and come in a wide variety of colors! 

Check out great outdoor-use equipment like Dura-Bells, Jelly-Bells, Urethane Coated Kettlebells or HEROSTRENGTH Action Bags and Rescue Bags.
Cerakote options are special order items, so contact us with your request. 

It’s time to grab your dumbbells and head to the local park, or go for a run in the neighborhood. Get active outside, and you’ll see the benefits as you improve your mood, get fresh air, and connect with friends. It’s a win-win workout!