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If you want to get in some cardio without the need of putting on your running shoes, try getting the full HIIT workout using Battle Ropes by HeroStrength®. 

These heavy-duty ropes are a MUST-HAVE for those looking for an all-around approach to a full body workout. 

Constructed with polypropylene fiber rope and rubber handles for high-intensity training—experience what your body can do and go to battle with our HeroStrength® Series Battle Rope!

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If you want to get a cardio run without the need of putting on your running shoes, try getting the full HIIT workout using Battle Ropes by HeroStrength®.

These heavy-duty, durable ropes are a MUST HAVE for those looking for an all-around approach to get a full body workout. Perfect for functional training zones.

Experience what your body can do. Experience the HeroStrength® Battle Rope!

Try a variety of movements:

  1. Alternating waves- Alternate moving your arms up and down as fast as you can. Try large waves, medium waves, and small waves.
  2. Double Arm Waves- Instead of alternating your arms up and down, move them up and down together.
  3. Double Arm Slam- Lift both arms as high as you can and then slam the ropes down to the ground as hard as you can. Go as fast as possible.
  4. Double Arm Slam Jump- Same thing as the double arm slam, except when you lift your arms up as high as you can, you also jump.
  5. Snakes- Swing your arms together side-to-side and make your rope slither like a snake.
  6. Claps- Move your arms in and out like you’re clapping your hands together.
  7. Outside Circles- Make big circles with your arms. Your right arm circles clockwise and your left arm circles counter-clockwise.
  8. Grappler Hip-to-Hip Toss- This is a fun battle rope exercise. It mimics the movement a grappler makes when they toss someone over their hip. Grab the rope so the ends are sticking out from between your thumb and index fingers and hold the ends down by your right hip.  Pivot your torso to the left. During the pivot, flip the ropes over your hip as if you were throwing a grappling opponent to the ground. Pivot back and forth like this until time is up.
  9. Jumping Jacks- Just hold the ropes by the end and perform some old-school jumping jacks.
  10. Alternating arm waves adding air squats, burpees, push-ups, and side-to-side shuffles!

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