Welcome Back Eclipse!

It’s been too long but we’re proud to welcome back our favorite pro-style dumbbells—the Eclipse set! Why are we so hyped up about this amazing set? We can’t wait to tell you! You need a dumbbell that can keep up with you, delivering high-level challenges in effortless style. We’re confident that this is it. These dumbbells are the only pro-style dumbbell set you’ll need, whether you’re a fitness newbie or a seasoned pro. Let us prove it to you! 

Superior Grip

Dumbbells need to be easy to grip. It’s a pretty simple concept—when you’re doing lifts and curls you should be focusing on your well-toned biceps, not worrying about whether you’ll be able to keep a good hold on your dumbbells. Fortunately, the Eclipse set delivers in style. We used urethane, a material known for its durability, to craft handles that contour to your hand. We also extended the shoulders to 50 mm, making it easier for your hands to grab. Contoured arches make for an effortless grip that leaves you free to focus on the important things in your workout, like finally mastering a biceps curl with that 50-pound weight.

Superior Clean

You come to the gym to work out. Your equipment shouldn’t need you to babysit it while you’re there. Many dumbbells are made of material such as rubber, which can get scratched and nicked, tend to smell bad, and require frequent cleaning. We think that defeats the point. If you wanted to get in a good cleaning routine, you’d have tackled your kitchen, not your gym. We harnessed urethane to make these pro-style dumbbells a breeze to take care of. Urethane is durable, so it won’t get nicked and scratched easily. It doesn’t smell bad, and it has antimicrobial properties that keep germs at bay. The result? Noticeably cleaner, nicer-looking dumbbells, with no babysitter necessary. 

Built to Last

When you invest in a dumbbell set, you should have the confidence that these things won’t fall apart next week, next month, or even next year. You need dumbbells that will still be powering your workouts next decade. That’s why we refuse to cut corners in our design. The Eclipse set starts with highest-quality raw iron. We added (replaceable) rubber rings that protect the dumbbell and look really good, and we finished the whole thing off with urethane grips, the most durable material known for dumbbells. We’re confident that these dumbbells will be your go-to for years to come, staying in shape right along with you.

So why are we so excited about the reintroduced Eclipse dumbbells? You can see for yourself in the superior clean construction. You can feel it in the top-quality grip. And you’ll be remembering it for years, thanks to the extreme durability of our newest pro-style dumbbells. We’re confident that once you give them a try, you’ll be just as excited as we are. Pick up your set today, and discover what our Eclipse dumbbell set can do for Rare Breeds like you.