Learn more about our Loyalty Program

  • How do I get points?

    You can earn points by interacting on our website. You must have an account and be logged into the website to earn.

    • 1 point for every $1 in purchases (excluding tax and shipping)
    • 100 points every birthday (you can add your birthday in your account)
    • 50 points when you leave a website review
    • 30 points when you sign up for our Hampton E-newsletter
    • 20 points when you share Hampton/HeroStrength on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Pinterest
  • What do I do with my points?

    You can buy products off of the website with your points! Up to 50% of an order (excluding tax and shipping) can be purchased through your points! You can do this on the checkout page, using the slider to assign how many points to your order. For every $1, you will need to redeem 20 points.

  • How do I see my points?

    You can access your points from your My Account page. There is a section to view your point balance and your point history.

  • Will I get points from older orders?

    Our Loyalty Program began rolling out on July 25, 2022. Any order that was made before that date will not have points assigned to it, and we will not attribute points to past orders.

  • Point Restrictions

    Points cannot be accumulated on gift card/certificate redemptions as gift cards/certificates are treated as a discount (like a coupon).

    Points cannot be accumulated on discounted totals.

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Refer a friend and get points!

If you are logged into the website, obtain your referral code here and get 400 points for the first sale!

Just select the product you want to share, click the “Generate Link” button, and then use the “Product Referral URL” to send to your friend.