Targeted Body Workouts

It’s time to hit the gym! Maybe it’s the day to hit your upper body hard, or maybe you’re focused on a powerful lower body workout. Either way, you get into the gym and get working. But are you doing workouts that will provide the most benefit for the area you’re focusing on? What types of equipment are best to use? How do you know which areas to target? Even if you’re a seasoned fitness expert, it’s easy to fall into a rut, doing the same thing over and over again, even though it might not be the most helpful thing for your body. That’s why we’ve put together some tips and tricks for getting the most out of three different workouts.

Upper Body Workouts

Why should you worry about an upper body workout? This targeted exercise is ideal for developing balance, strength, and even posture. What should you be focusing on during an upper body routine? The neck, shoulders, arms, wrists, and mid/upper back are important to remember. You can target these with planks, presses, lifting, and crunches.

When it comes to creating the perfect upper body routine, equipment plays an essential role. The Hampton Olympic Grip Plates are an excellent addition to upper body training. You can use them as standalone weights or with a barbell. They provide customized weight combinations and excellent grip for any workout. Similarly, the Jelly-Bell Urethane Aerobic Dumbbells are a perfect companion. Their sleek design offers the proper grip and durability needed in any routine. They also come in lots of different colors to tailor to your style!

Lower Body Workouts

The legs, thighs, and glutes are essential—not just so you can show off your toned legs but also because 75% of your muscles are actually below your waist. Your hips, pelvis, and lower back all rely on you having strong legs, so make sure you include this type of targeted exercise in your routine.

Doing plenty of squats and box jumps help you get the most out of your lower body workout. Be careful though, box jumps can be risky so getting the right jump box is important. Fortunately, our friends at HeroStrength designed a plyometric jump box that’s both functional and safe. The HeroStrength “Jump!” box is adaptable to any level of experience, allowing you to prevent any injuries. The box is padded with high-density foam, meaning a fall is less likely to hurt your joints. Its design offers choices for all fitness levels. Beginners can start with 20 inches and work up to 24 inches, while experts can challenge themselves with 30 inches.

Full Body Workouts

Targeted workouts are great, but it’s important to get all your muscles working together, as well. Full body workouts aren’t just for people short on time trying to crank out a quick gym session—they’re vital for all of us, providing a perfect workout split to help with muscle growth and endurance. So, how can you make the most of a full body session? There’s no better way than by using our Slam Ball. This tool is a great aid when it comes to increasing your heart rate, burning a lot of calories, and pushing your body to the limit. The Herostrength Slam Balls are designed with a rugged rubber covering that resists splitting and tearing and is filled with a mixture of sand, iron granules, and adjustable air, making it tough enough to handle your highest intensity workout.

No matter your fitness level or experience, we could all do with switching up our routine every now and then. Make sure you don’t fall into a rut by intentionally focusing on each of the above areas. Keep up your targeted exercises, make sure you’re using the proper equipment, and you’ll be seeing gains in no time.