Level Up With HOG Urethane Plates

An essential part of our routine that should not be skipped is the use of weights and general weightlifting. Whether you are trying to lose weight, gain muscle or tone, lifting weights will help you achieve your goals while also providing endurance, strength, and conditioning to your muscles. To enjoy the full benefits of training with weights, you should use the right tools. The new Hampton Olympic Grip Plates make the right addition to any gym or home set up.

The Hampton Olympic Grip Plates are specifically made for comfort and durability, fully encased in urethane, providing great friction and grip while also preventing scratches. Because urethane is a non-porous material, it is easy to clean, more hygienic, and long-lasting. The design and shape make the plates super easy to carry and move around. You can use them for extra weight on your whole body exercise or to give you a boost and endurance test on your upper body routine. With or without a bar these plates can be implemented in any routine, from beginner to advanced.  

You can choose the urethane bumper plates for upper body exercises according to the amount of weight desired. They are conveniently available in a wide range of weights: 2.5, 5, 10, 25, 35, and 45 pounds. These would successfully help you develop and tone your muscles, especially those in the chest, back, and arm area, doing bench presses, bicep curls or some deadlifts. The same applies for lower body exercises, with the difference that instead of using a bar, you would use the grip plates to add to your body weight. With the slim grips, you can maneuver the plates with ease. Hampton Olympic Grip plates are available in 3 different materials: iron, rubber- and urethane-covered. A 5-year commercial warranty backs the urethane plates, including stainless steel hubs and the urethane coatings. This makes them the perfect tool to use whether you are using the plates as extra weight for your squads, hip thrusts, or Russian twists.

The urethane bumper plates are the perfect tool for both home and commercial gyms in terms of setting. The minimalistic look of the plates are eye catching and easy to work with, while also ensuring the floor and other surfaces are free of scratch or marks.

The new Hampton Olympic Grip Plates are the new must-haves of beginners and experienced alike and sold individually and in sets. Their advanced design makes them super-attractive and more functional than any other. These user-friendly plates have proportionated-sized grips, making them easy to pick up off the floor and/or a rack, and the curved design eliminates the risk of pinched fingers when stacking. No matter how you incorporate the urethane bumper plates, their design, warranty, and functionality would make a great addition to your arsenal of tools both at home and at the gym, providing you with the necessary weight, practicality, and protection from damage. Try to get creative and explore the many ways the new Hampton Olympic Grip Plates can help you achieve your fitness goals.