Slam Balls

As someone who’s been around the gym, you know that not all workouts are created equal. Some are fun but not that beneficial. Others are great for your body but just plain boring—something to get through rather than enjoy. Enter the Slam Ball: a fitness aid that ups heart rate, burns an insane amount of calories—and is, quite possibly, the most fun workout equipment on the market. The name says it all. You get to work up a sweat with slam balls and kick your body into overdrive while throwing things really hard. What’s not to love? Maybe you’re new to slam balls, or maybe you’re not entirely convinced yet. Read on for the lowdown on slam balls and why they deserve a place in your fitness schedule.

Why Slam Balls?

First, they’re simple. Even fitness newbies can incorporate slam balls into their routine. You can use the balls for anything from high-powered slams to more subdued squats. Even better, they’re fantastic for developing muscle mass—from shoulders to back to abs to the core; your body will feel the difference. Slam balls are designed for high-intensity workouts (unlike their thinner-skinned cousin, the medicine ball), so you can tackle your cardio or strength goals with confidence.

Why HeroStrength?

Slam balls are a great fitness tool. But they’re going to get thrown around a lot if you’re using them correctly, which means a good slam ball is crucial. Low-quality design and construction just won’t cut it when you’re in top gear. That’s where the HeroStrength difference comes in. They carefully designed their slam balls to make sure they’ll keep up with you, no matter what your fitness level. HeroStrength slam balls stand above the rest in two key ways:

  • Tough

It goes without saying that when you’re going to be slamming an object around frequently, you should make sure it’s not going to break easily. This slam ball was designed with a rugged rubber covering that resists splitting and tearing. They fill the shell with a mixture of sand, iron granules, and adjustable air, making it tough enough to handle your highest intensity workout. HeroStrength slam balls give you the confidence to give it your all because your workout equipment won’t be holding you back—it’ll be pushing you forward.

  • Customizable 

As a unique person, you need a ball that’s right for you—not for someone twice your weight or half your height. A one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work, so we’ve made sure to give you as many options as possible for your slam ball. Are you looking for something small and simple? We suggest using the four-pound ball. Is your fitness game already elite level? Challenge yourself with our fifty-pound ball. Somewhere in the middle? There are ten different sizes to choose from. HeroStrength has a perfect ball for everyone, regardless of their age, size, and fitness level.

Embrace a workout that combines fantastic gains with insane fun, and see the difference a good slam ball can make in your fitness routine. Whether you’re a newbie or a pro, the expertly designed slam balls by HeroStrength will help you build muscle and get your heart pumping—and have a great time doing it.