Hampton Olympic Grip Plates

We all want the experience of training like a pro—racking up gains and lifting weights with the best of them. Pro lifters prefer using rubber plates over the cast iron alternative. They know that if handled wrong, cast iron weights will rust or crack quicker than you can drop and do three push-ups (and we’re willing to bet that’s pretty fast since you’re on our site). Plates are amazing and versatile tools for building your strength, improving lifts, and generally packing on muscle. The Hampton Olympic Grip (HOG) Plates are made of high quality, nearly-indestructible rubber so you can lift like the pros. The best part? You’ll never have to worry about a scuffed floor or rusty plates again.

Superior Grip

Other rubber plates on the market can be difficult to maneuver. You’ve probably experienced the frustration of spending several minutes of your gym time trying to pick up a plate that’s flush with the floor. Our Olympic plates make those annoyances a thing of the past. We outfitted our plates with specially designed slim grips making them simple to grab, whether you’re pulling them off a rack or grabbing them off the floor. We took our plates to the next level, adding a recessed area around each handle to give your fingers the perfect place to grip. It’s a pain to waste time awkwardly picking up plates, but with our superior grip, you’ll never have to worry about that again.

Structural Strength

When you’re using plates for heavy lifting, you want the best of the best—plates made for a Rare Breed like you. Top competitive lifters don’t use cast iron plates prone to rust; they use rubber plates to keep them on their A-game. That’s why we created our Olympic plates out of rubber to minimize the worry of cracked or rusted plates. Our sets come in two versions: virgin rubber and urethane coated. Our rubber plates are precisely covered with a full rubber coating to prevent scratches, and our urethane version has stainless steel hubs. We’re so confident in the structural strength of our plates that each comes with a five-year-warranty. You can throw these plates around all day,and they’ll keep up with you.

Champion Looks

When you use our Olympic plates, you’ll have the heavy-duty equipment that gets you training like a pro. Our plates are designed with aesthetics in mind too—we selected top-quality material that won’t easily show the scratches and dents of regular hard use. Our urethane plates are specially designed to resist damage, and the rubber coating on our virgin rubber sets keeps scuffing at bay. Your Olympic plates will look and feel better, longer, keeping your gym looking like the home of a champion for years to come.

Hampton Olympic Grip Plates deliver a worry-free lifting experience in the gym, helping you rack up gains faster. From the ergonomically designed grips that make lifting a breeze to the structural strength and lasting looks of our high-quality urethane and rubber, our plates give you the confidence to get the job done out on the gym floor.