Hampton Ultra Bell

After ten years, we couldn’t be more excited to re-introduce the Ultra Bell®—our premium dumbbell set for Rare Breeds like you. We’re confident that the Ultra Bell will become an indispensable part of your workout routine, earning its place as a functional, stylish, and elite way to help you train on a variety of levels. No matter where you are on your fitness journey, our Ultra Bells can help make the road smoother. What makes these dumbbells stand out from your average set? Read on to learn how the Ultra Bells rise above the rest as the perfect companion for your next workout. 


When you’re using dumbbells for a high-energy workout, a functional piece of equipment is key. You should be focusing everything on finishing that next rep—not on shifting your grip to keep a firm hold on your dumbbell. That’s where our Ultra Bells shine. We used our Snug Grip® technology to create contoured urethane handles for the perfect grip. Our design focuses on supporting the natural curve of your hand and creating a seamless lifting and holding experience. These dumbbells literally fit in your hand like they were made for it—because they were. We also crafted our Ultra Bells with 50 mm outside handle shoulders, meaning you won’t have to worry about the impact caused by sliding during workouts with traditional dumbbells. From grip to shoulder, there’s no question about it: the Ultra Bell eliminates your dumbbell problems of the past, giving you the freedom to focus on what really matters—finishing your workout strong.


The functionality of your dumbbells doesn’t end when you finish your morning workout. You need a place to safely store your gear until next time without becoming a tripping hazard or visual distraction.

We understand, and that’s why our Ultra Bell set comes with a free vertical suspension rack. This classy storage area keeps your Ultra Bells hung neatly until your next workout, making an aesthetic splash while they’re at it. Whether you keep your new set at home, in the gym, or somewhere in between, our storage rack will keep your dumbbells safe in style.


Speaking of style, the final component of a truly good dumbbell set extends beyond superior handles and amazing storage. A high-quality dumbbell also needs to deliver when it comes to looks. With a durable and elegant appearance, the Ultra Bell rises above the competition. The polished chrome finish and premium rubber rims will knock the socks off your friends in the gym. In short, we’re confident that the style and elegance of these dumbbells are second to none. 

Why are we so excited about the return of the Ultra Bell? It’s because we know after you experience the ergonomic functionality of the handles, the effortless storage provided by our rack, and the classic style of the polished chrome and rubber rims, they’ll be your go-to set for every workout! Get started with your Ultra Bells today by choosing from our light or heavy set, and get ready to experience the difference!