Jump Box

If you’ve been around the gym for a while, you’ve seen firsthand the advantages of plyometrics. The increased strength. The amazing stamina. The built-up power. You’ve also probably seen how easy it is to make mistakes—boxes getting knocked over in the middle of a jump, fitness wannabes trying a box too high or too short, and suffering painful consequences. Plyometrics, especially box jumps, build incredible strength and stamina—but they come with many possible risks. Our friends at HeroStrength designed a plyo jump box that’ll take your workouts to the next level. Not only that, but these boxes are thoughtfully and carefully crafted to minimize the risks in a box jump. What sets the HeroStrength “Jump!” box apart? Read on to find out why it deserves a place in your plyo routine.


Whenever you’re jumping up on something, you want to make sure it doesn’t have sharp edges you could impale yourself on by accident. This seems like a basic principle, but many people make the mistake of using hard-edged chairs or stools for their explosive jumps. Don’t do it. One miscalculation and your hips and shins will not be thanking you. The HeroStrength plyo jump boxes are padded with high-density foam, meaning a fall is less likely to hurt your joints. The anti-slip surface design further minimizes the risk of injury, meaning you can jump with all the confidence and power you have—the HeroStrength box has your back.


The HeroStrength jump box is safe, but that doesn’t mean effectiveness as a workout tool is sacrificed. This box does the opposite. The rectangular design gives you three convenient heights to choose from. Start with the 20 inch, work up to the 24 inch, or challenge yourself with 30 inches. Measurements are also shown in centimeters for maximum convenience. From your first wobbly box jump to your advanced pro moves, HeroStrength has crafted its 3-in-1 design to keep up with you every step of the way.


Most jump boxes weigh in at around thirty pounds. HeroStrength knew that wasn’t good enough. If you’re trusting all your weight to a large rectangular object, you should be confident that it’s not going to tip over and leave you hanging. That’s why this box has 88 pounds of heft, so you’ll never have to worry about finding yourself stuck in midair with nowhere to land. The sturdy design gives you the confidence to try all your new moves with a box that won’t let you down, figuratively or literally.

It’s time to up your plyometrics game. Don’t trust your safety to a random, hard-edged chair or rickety stool. Get a box that you can count on for safety, one that’s designed to grow with you as you advance, and one that won’t let you down. Get the safety and quality you need with the HeroStrength “Jump!” box, and enjoy the difference this box makes on your next plyo workout. Trust us when we say you’ll be glad you did.