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Based on ancient drawing and writings, the origin of the ‘medicine ball’ dates back 2,000 years to Ancient Greece. Spartan warriors would train with animal bladders stuffed with sand. Since then, medicine balls have been used in one form or another to build health, strength, and resistance training.

Hero Strength “Throw” Balls are designed for strength and endurance exercises to enhance your stamina, speed, power, accuracy, coordination and balance among others. HeroStrength “Throw” Balls are built to give you the efficacy of a front-squat and push-press aimed directly to your target. Confidently throw, toss, and catch while ensuring your safety and protection.

  • Solidly constructed in synthetic leather and double-stitched.

  • Ample padding in a soft durable shell for ideal grip and easy catch.

  • Designed in a sleek and practical matte black & gray color.

  • Features silicone gel bubbles on both sides for extra grip traction.
  • Warranty: 1 year


Frequently Bought Together


HeroStrength® "Jump!" Box

(20 x 24 x 30 in. / 51 x 61 x 76 cm) - 68 LBS

3-in-1 Plyometric Box; simply flip the box to create three different height configurations.

Extremely soft high density foam and anti-slip surface eliminates any risk of harm or injury!


HeroStrength® Speed Rope| Steel Rope w/ Aluminum Handles (9' - adjustable)

*The ideal rope to perfect double-unders due to its roller-bearing handles and ultralightweight rope*

Sleek new look with a steel rope and ultralight aluminum handles w/ knurling + Laser engraved logo!


HeroStrength® "HERO-LLER" Foam Roller, 18" (SKY-BLUE)

Mimics pressure applied by a sports therapist's hands:

  • Tubular ridges imitate fingers
  • Wide groove texture act as palms of the hand
  • High circular indents for fingertip like feeling

Textured surface offers a superb feel allowing the user to apply significant but bearable amounts of pressure on both muscle and tissue for a true pain/pleasure experience. Use the "HERO-LLER" to improve mobility in joints and to relieve muscles after strenuous training sessions.

100% EVA Rubber

Warranty: 1 year

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