Lower Back Dumbbell Exercises for Strength and Balance

If you’ve ever said, “I just need a new back,“ lower-back dumbbell exercises may give you that proverbial new back you’ve needed for so long. Strengthening your lower back while using dumbbells is vital for core stability and minimizing the risk of injury. In today’s post, we will review the importance of including lower back […]

Rack it up, rack it in, let us begin!

by Kate Jay Hampton Fitness racks have an all new ALL-BLACK design. The black finish on the racks give off a sleek, stylish and chic look to them while maintaining the same quality design as our previous racks. The 3T-SDL-15 dumbbell rack holding our 5 lb. to 75 lb. Gel-Grip Urethane dumbbells is pictured below. […]