Rack it up, rack it in, let us begin!

by Kate Jay

Hampton Fitness racks have an all new ALL-BLACK design. The black finish on the racks give off a sleek, stylish and chic look to them while maintaining the same quality design as our previous racks.

The 3T-SDL-15 dumbbell rack holding our 5 lb. to 75 lb. Gel-Grip Urethane dumbbells is pictured below. This rack is a great addition to any gym. It holds a lot of weight without taking up a lot of space.

Our KB-3T-L rack is shown below. It is 72 inches wide. And is shown holding a full set of 15 Hampton Kettlebells: 5lb. to 50 lb. by 5 lb. increments and 60 lb. to 100 lb. in 10 lb. increments. This rack is easy to load and unload. Sleek, yet steady.

We now have our CP-JB-2T-8 Club Pack that includes 52 pairs of Jelly-Bell dumbbells and a JB-R-2T-8 rack, which has 2 tiers and 8 bins. The brand new PINK (20 pounds) and AQUA BLUE (25 pounds) Jelly-Bells are our newest additions to the Jelly-Bell family and sure to catch the attention of all of the gym members in your group exercise classes.

And lastly, we would like to give a preview of a gorgeous new product that we will be showcasing this coming month. 

Our HMP-R storage rack is able to hold all different types of Hampton equipment and HERO accessories. Gym balls, med balls, dumbbells and kettlebells etc. This functions as a multi-purpose rack that will hold a lot of product so that your gym floors are not left in disarray. 

Thank you for all of your support over the years. We continue to grow together in this amazing industry.