Q and A with John Conti at Fitness Gallery

In this month’s newsletter we would like to highlight a fitness company that we have been working with for over a decade. Fitness Gallery. John Conti, Director of Commercial Sales at Fitness Gallery, took part in our Hampton Questionnaire this month. John has been in the industry for 28 years!

Q: Why Hampton Fitness Products? With so many free-weight options in the free market, why do you continue to support Hampton Fitness Products?
A: I would say, quality of products. The variety of products. The breadth of products. The service that we receive and the support and pricing.

Q: What are your favorite Hampton Fitness products to sell?
A: You know, I think with Hampton I think the handles attachments and accessories for the gym are just incredible. And if you look at what comes with the product and certain things that come with it- different people like different accessories to be added and pay extra for because of their quality that they know will last a lifetime. To be able to have this selection and quality in a home gym is second to none.

Q: How has your experience been in dealing with our company?
A: Customer service is always good. Phil Singer is someone who we have a long history with in this business. I was on the manufacturing side for 14 years or so. I have known Phil Singer a long time. Hampton representatives understand our needs and continue to help us with that which is important.

Q: What do you look forward to in the near future from Hampton Fitness?
A: I think just keep evolving like you do with your accessories and racks and now with Wall-balls that make the showrooms look appealing and inviting. The colors! And in the future if we could have something to post with Hampton’s mission statement and certain products that could be pinned with the pricing that we could put up for our customers that we be helpful to have to show our customer that would help tell the Hampton story.

Q: How did you get started in the fitness industry?
A: Basically I got into the business in 1989 in Phoenix, Arizona. I was in sales at a very young age. I brought what I learned in sales into the fitness industry. People in fitness who were doing sales hadn’t always been expected to be so knowledgeable. I moved onto True Fitness regionally, then Director of Retail Sales. I had always wanted to work with Donnie Salum as our paths had crossed throughout the years. One thing led to another. I excitedly joined Donnie, working at the Fitness Gallery.

Now we are getting ready to open our third location. All three are in Denver. Our central location will be the next to open and it will be HUGE. And our stores are just LOADED with Hampton product.

Q: What product is the first thing that you pitch to someone looking to open a gym? Or putting in their home gyms? I feel like in Colorado you are expected to stay fit throughout the year, whether it would be mountain biking, hiking or skiing. Colorado is big on fitness!
A: Probably the first thing we tell them to buy would be a treadmill and a free-weight ensemble. Buy a Smith machine and add Hampton bars and plates. We give a good deal on quality plates that don’t need to be replaced and they are willing to buy it because they know it’s worth it.

Q: What is the best advice you could give to someone just starting to work out?
A: Get a treadmill. Get some weights. Get knowledge – we have a training service that works with us here in Denver. We send out a trainer to them at their home gym so that they are totally orientated with the products they have purchased safely and get the results that they need.

Q: What do you feel has changed the most in fitness over the years?
A: It’s become harder and harder for a brick and mortar store to become successful. A customer now goes on an internet site and gets specs and doesn’t need to go into a store but they end up buying junk and don’t use it. We do a lot of marketing to get people into the stores to fight the masses. So we can show what is quality versus what is sometimes being thrown online that may not be the product that they need. We are a specialty shop. You may spend more but you won’t be disappointed.

When you buy good quality, then you are committed to use it. And we stand behind that goal. To get the results that they need, they need to buy coming from someone so knowledgable and get the kind of products that are worth the price.

Thank you, John! This was such an amazing conversation to have, especially coming form someone so knowledgeable in the fitness world.

To check out Fitness Gallery yourself, go to: www.fitnessgallery.com There will be links to Facebook and contact information there.

And if YOU would like to join the Fitness Gallery team as they expand feel free to reach out directly to John Conti at jo**@fi************.com

The current Fitness gallery locations are:

Fitness Gallery North
5220 North Broadway
Denver Colorado

Fitness Gallery South
2690 East County Line Road
Highlands Ranch Colorado

Two new Fitness Gallery openings will be coming in the next 18 months!

Check out the photos below of the Fitness Gallery’s already established locations and the amount of Hampton that they carry. We are grateful to have the Fitness Gallery as partners in this amazing industry.