Hero Strength Accessories

Hampton Fitness is pleased to announce the expansion of our long-established free-weight company into our sister company Hero Strength Accessories.

Hero Strength will be an extension into the accessory line of fitness products which can be bought both online and through our sales representatives.

Hampton Fitness has long been established in its emphasis on innovation and expertise in free-weights. The synergy between Hampton Fitness Products and Hero Strength will ultimately provide a one-stop-shop for all your gym’s strength equipment needs.

While Hampton Fitness will continue to produce and specialize in free-weights; Hero Strength will exclusively focus on and specialize in accessories. When purchasing Hero Strength products you can expect the same level of care and attention to detail that has become a Hampton Fitness Product trademark since 1996.

Our employees at Hero Strength work closely with and regularly visit the on-site production factory to ensure quality control on the product at the best cost for the customer.

When buying accessories for yourself or for your gym you need products that stand out. Hero Strength’s unique product designs and quality will ensure that your gym is anything but ordinary.

Fitness accessories are more popular now than ever before. They take up less space, are easy to use in multiple variations of exercise and cost a whole lot less than buying a cardio machine does.

So many Instagram stars are posting their daily HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workouts on their Instagram accounts that the need for your own personal trainer is becoming as easy as following their account for daily workouts.

Just look at workout wonder Alexia Clark (Instagram handle @alexia_clark) who is based in Arizona but has more than 1 million followers. Every day, her fans watch her video workout posts in hopes of getting the same workout that she offers. Doing so costs a lot less money than hiring a personal trainer would and can often take place in their home gym using bands, balls, free-weights, and their own body strength.

Home workouts using accessories and the Instagram app on your phone have become the norm these days. Hero Strength and Hampton Fitness will continue to progress into the future of fitness and look forward to the ever-changing trends that keep us on our toes and push us to better ourselves every day!

Speaking of which, you can follow us on Instagram @myherostrength and on Facebook @myherostrength.inc

Below some shots of our products. Be sure to check out our entire catalogue by visiting www.myherostrength.com

 Amy FrenaModel Amy Frena strikes a pose with our Hero Strength Dual-Handle Medicine Ball. Our medicine balls come a variety of colors and sizes starting out at 6 lbs. and going up to 20 lbs.

Daniel Sobieray
Model Daniel Sobieray slams his way into a killer workout with one of our Hero Strength Slam Balls. These balls start at 4 lbs. and go up to 30 lbs. for a hardcore workout.

Amy and Dabiel
Amy and Dabiel pass a Hero Strength Wall Ball back and forth for a core workout like no other. Our Wall Balls begin at the 4 lb. weight and go up to 30 lbs.

Amy uses a 6 lb. Hero Strength Medicine Ball to up the ante on the basic plank.
Amy uses a 6 lb. Hero Strength Medicine Ball to up the ante on the basic plank.