Q and A with Ralph Ferraiolo at Ferraiolo Fitness

Ferraiolo Fitness
Crescent Place
Leesburg, Virginia

Q: How did you get your start in the fitness world?

A: After lifting weights, running & bike riding my whole life, including 24 years in the corporate world, I started training professionally 15 years ago. Although my goal was to bring to others what had served me so well over the years, I did not really know what direction personal training was going to go. Inspiration soon hit me. Most all the home training clients I was attending had low-level, thrown- together home fitness areas.

They were paying a premium to have me train in their home gym, not because they took great pride in their fitness area, but because they had no desire to attend the local ‘big box’ gyms.  Even those who worked out in local gyms previously, now in their 40s, 50s & 60s felt they were in a different place in their lives. I also noticed the newly-opened personal training studios resembled local gyms. The clients and the available training gyms inspired me to design small (800 sq. ft.) personalized studios in premier locations.

The small space feels less intimidating and the design has a more welcoming feel. After shopping the market I found there was only one choice for the presentation I was looking for. Hampton with their personal-logo Gel-Grip urethane dumbbells, Jelly-Bell urethane aerobic dumbbells, Gel-Bars, Kettlebells and Olympic urethane grip plates, all with Hampton’s corresponding very handsome racks.

With Hampton’s help, the formula worked beautifully.

1) I set up operation in my third studio last year.

2) I still do home visits, but less than a dozen per week.  I meet with new clients, even those looking for home training, in one of my studios.  Ninety-five percent of clients looking for trainings at home walk into my studio and say “Never mind, I’ll work out here.”

3) My studios have more than 100 trainings per week with many dozen clients still training with me after five to thirteen years.  They love the service and love the space.

4) Hampton not only offers an up-scale presentation, but also quality.  All my Hampton equipment is like brand new. The oldest purchase was twelve years ago for my first studio. I duplicated it five years ago with my second studio. This equipment has seen tens of thousands of trainings and looks as good as the day I got it.

Q: What is your ultimate goal?

A: My ultimate goal and mission?  To become Loudoun County Virginia’s premier Personal Training service by offering the best service in a well-equipped upscale venue(s).

You can check out Ralph’s website to learn more about him and his company at www.ferrfit.com