“Baywatch” Stars Switched to Weight-Lifting to Get Swimsuit Ready

Anyone over the age of 30 thinks of one thing, and one thing only, when they think of the “Baywatch” T.V show which premiered in 1989…the iconic red swimsuit.

The stars of the 2017 film version of the “Baywatch” reboot have given multiple interviews to health magazine, fitness websites, and the mini-van-mom’s favorite magazine “People” on how they got “red swimsuit” ready in time for the film’s shoot.

A reoccurring workout was mentioned in every single interview.

Weight training.

Not spinning. Not running. Not Pilates. Not yoga. Not a 10-week fast of chicken broth and laxatives.

Weight training.

Men’s Fitness interviewed Patrick Murphy (Zac Efron’s personal trainer for the shoot) who “Condensed the best of his workout into a three-day split, working back and biceps one day, legs another, and shoulders, chest, and arms the third day (abs are in there, too, a little bit every day).”

Actress Alexandra Daddario was quoted in her piece with “People” magazine, “My normal workout routine, pre-Baywatch, was a lot of hot yoga,” she told the mag. “I feel like it helps with anxiety, it helps with sleep, it was sort of more of a mental thing. For Baywatch, I started doing weight training, which I had never done before, and I saw a huge difference. It was kind of amazing, the transformation I went through.”

Anyone who follows Duane Johnson’s (a.k.a . The Rock) Instagram feed is already familiar with the level of strength training this guy commits to. If you haven’t been following his feed for real fitness “fitspo” the past couple of years, do so now. You will not be disappointed (@therock).

As someone who loves getting on the elliptical, treadmill, or bike at the gym, I have to admit that I have officially become a believer in what sort of body-transforming experience weight-training can be.

Before, I had always headed straight for the cardio room at my gym- thinking that the treadmill would truly be the answer to all of my problem-area shortcomings. But with so many personal trainers backing the difference that weight-training will make for your body, over ANY other type of workout, I think I have finally had my Oprah “A – HA!” moment when it comes to working out.

I will still turn to running and spinning to release the inner stresses that I hold onto with being a working mother of a 3- and 5-year-old. But weight-lifting will be my workout of choice as I move forward in quest to finally killing off my “mummy-tummy.”