Full Body Dumbbell and Bench Workout

Choosing a full-body dumbbell and bench workout has major transformation advantages. This comprehensive workout choice offers a versatile routine that fires every muscle group while improving functional strength balance and sparks a higher caloric burn. Let’s explore these tips and benefits, showcasing how this workout can help you reach your fitness goals! Key Takeaways Why […]

Lower Back Dumbbell Exercises for Strength and Balance

If you’ve ever said, “I just need a new back,“ lower-back dumbbell exercises may give you that proverbial new back you’ve needed for so long. Strengthening your lower back while using dumbbells is vital for core stability and minimizing the risk of injury. In today’s post, we will review the importance of including lower back […]

Quadriceps Exercises With Dumbbells

Dumbbells are a great fitness tool for strengthening your quads! They can be used to maximize a wide variety of leg exercises that focus on building up your quad strength! This versatility will allow you to build your dream legs without getting bored in the process! Let’s discuss why it’s essential to train your quads […]

Are Cables Better Than Dumbbells?

If you’re new to fitness, you may wonder why some people prefer cable machines while others remain dedicated to dumbbells. Both options have their advantages but also depend on your unique fitness goals. This post will break down the differences and help you decide what’s best for your fitness plan.  Key Takeaways Cable Machines Versus […]

Hampton Fitness’s Guide to Posterior Deltoid Exercises with Dumbbells

Enhance your shoulder strength, stability, and aesthetics with our comprehensive rear delt dumbbell exercises guide. Discover the best techniques to target your posterior deltoids. Rear deltoid exercises are incredibly important for maintaining shoulder health as well as overall body performance. When you take time to focus on deltoids, you will reap incredible benefits. When done […]

Dumbbell Exercises for Biceps and Triceps Promoting Techniques for Everyday Strength.

It’s important to regularly work on each muscle group in your overall training plan. However, understanding the mechanics related to “why” you’re training each group is also essential. Training your biceps and triceps together creates a powerful arm workout that promotes increased strength and improved aesthetics and is incredibly helpful in conducting everyday activities. Key […]

Maximize Your Dumbbell Chest Exercises; No Bench Required.

Did you know you can complete a highly effective chest exercise at home without a bench or other traditional gym machines? Even without the actual bench, you can get all the benefits of a bench workout, including muscle stabilization, improved balance, and strength building. Let’s take a look at how this works.  Key takeaways: Standing […]

Hampton Ultra Bell

After ten years, we couldn’t be more excited to re-introduce the Ultra Bell®—our premium dumbbell set for Rare Breeds like you. We’re confident that the Ultra Bell will become an indispensable part of your workout routine, earning its place as a functional, stylish, and elite way to help you train on a variety of levels. […]