Urethane Dura-Bell Dumbbells


  • The Industry’s Most Dependable Urethane Hex Dumbbell
  • Patented design makes them maintenance free
  • US Patent # 6099450
  • The only patented URETHANE HEX dumbbell in the industry
  • Quarter inch roll pin secures the head to 35 millimeter ergonomic HARDENED CHROME finish handle ensuring heads never come loose
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Product Description

The Original Dura-Bell Dumbbells

The Industry’s Most Dependable Hex Dumbbell.

Dura-Bell dumbbells have a patented design that makes them maintenance free.

Urethane encased heads minimize damage to floors and equipment.

The ergonomic handle is hardened chrome and secured to the heads with our own patented process.

Dura-Bell is so reliable, we guarantee its structural integrity.

Our 35 millimeter ergonomic handle features a hardened chrome finish and is secured to the head with a quarter inch roll pin.

Our US Patent # is 6099443. The only patented urethane hex dumbbell in the industry.


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Additional information

Hampton DURA-BELL Urethane Dumbbells

5 lb., 10 lb., 15 lb., 20 lb., 25 lb., 30 lb., 35 lb., 40 lb., 45 lb., 50 lb., 55 lb., 60 lb., 65 lb., 70 lb., 75 lb., 80 lb., 85 lb., 90 lb., 95 lb., 100 lb., 105 lb., 110 lb., 115 lb., 120 lb., 125 lb., 2.5 lb., 7.5 lb., 12.5 lb., 17.5 lb., 22.5 lb., 27.5 lb., CP-DBU-V5, CP-DBU-V-8, CP-DBU-V-10, CP-DBU-V-13, CP-DBU-2T-A, CP-DBU-2T-B, CP-DBU-3T-A, CP-DBU-3T-B

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