Elevate Your Strength Training

Are you ready to go beyond free weights and elevate your strength training? We know the answer is yes, so now comes the real question. Are you ready to add a sandbag workout to your routine? The average sandbag just won’t cut it for a Rare Breed like yourself, so get ready to meet the HeroStrength “Action” Bag! We’re confident it will become your new favorite strength training tool.

In its various forms, the sandbag workout has been a long-standing exercise used by the military, paramedic professionals, and even mixed martial artists. They rely on it to deliver cardio and metabolic results with the ease of using just one training tool. It’s perfect for compound lifts and strength training. Some of the most common sandbag workouts incorporate lunges, squats, rows, and presses.  

If you’re just starting to build your home gym, the HeroStrength “Action” Bag is an inexpensive and versatile place to start. This one tool gives you multiple workout options so you can create a balanced routine. For those of you that are well on your way to creating the ultimate home gym, the “Action” Bag is a necessary component to complete your arsenal for strength and condition training.


I enjoy the functional movement component of using the “Action” Bag. It allows me to train in the traditional Bulgarian style and mostly working in multiple planes of motion. I love training this way as it makes me feel, look, and perform more like an athlete, which I think is important for my body as I get older.

Training with the assortment of weights the “Action” Bag has available allows me to work on reinforcing mobility, strength, and coordination all into one depending on the movements of muscle groups I’m wanting to work that day.

Julie Smith – Hampton Fitness Athlete

Benefits of the HeroStrength “Action” Bag 

We’ve taken the best features of the traditional sandbag and improved upon it to create a multi-use, affordable piece of equipment. Unlike traditional sandbags, you’ll never have to mess with filling up an “Action” Bag to add weight. Your time is important. We understand you don’t want to waste it by adding material to a sandbag before your workout. Our assortment of “Action” Bags allows you to grab the weight you need and get training fast! Let’s take a look at some additional benefits of the “Action” Bag.

  • Affordability—It’s one of the most cost-effective pieces of gear if you are just starting out or looking to expand your home gym.
  • Durability and Portability—It’s designed to stand up to the toughest workouts and is easy to take anywhere. Throw it in the car and train at your favorite outdoor location.
  • Multiple Exercises—Incorporate various exercises into your routine with one effective training tool.

Product Features 

One of the unique features of the “Action” Bag is that all weights come in the same compact size of 22.8″ x 8.6″ x 8.6”. This makes them extremely easy to store and transport.

The interior construction is a mix of soft cotton and sand to prevent the risk of injury and promote safe lifting technique training. You’ll never have to worry about the material inside shifting while you are working out. 

The exterior is made of super-soft synthetic leather, making it easy to wipe down and clean after use. All bags have five handles. Two are perpendicular, two are parallel, and one is on the end. This gives you plenty of options for increased functional exercises.​​

julie smith strength training with the HeroStrength Action Bag

Check out our entire line of “Action” Bags and see which one works best for you. As you put in the work, you’ll start to feel the benefits. Now, get ready to take your strength training to the next level. 

Live mighty!