A Focus On Functional Fitness

Are you just starting in Functional Fitness or are you experienced, looking for a new tool for your training? If your answer is yes, we have the perfect tool and routine for you. Get ready to engage with the HeroStrength® “Rescue” Bag! A new tool that will become your best gym partner.

Functional Fitness’ main goal is to prepare the body for real-life movements and activities by training your muscles to work together. Movements such as squatting, reaching, pulling, and lifting will be made easier with functional fitness integrated into your exercise routine. That is where the HeroStrength “Rescue” Bag comes to play, this tool works as a functional approach to introduce a great range of strength into full-body training sessions. The all-inclusive variety of Dynamic Movements include pushing, twisting, swinging, pulling, bending, rotating, squatting, lunging, and throwing. It can also be added to one’s body weight to perform jumps, squats, pull-ups, push-ups, and power crunches. This makes the “Rescue” bag ideal for your routine.

If you are starting to build a routine for your workout session, the HeroStrength “Rescue” Bag is an affordable and adaptable tool to start with. The “Rescue” bag does not only give you the opportunity to incorporate it in different exercises, but it additionally gives you the freedom of creating new ways for using it. For those more experienced individuals, it serves as an excellent component and partner for your already built routine and exercises.

Benefits of Incorporating The HeroStrength “Rescue” Bag

Originally designed for the “wrestling community,” this tool works as a functional approach to introduce a massive range of efficacy into core training sessions. Some other benefits include:

  • Cardio Conditioning—The HeroStrength “Rescue” Bag will boost your heart rate offering a full-body workout in a short space of time. 
  • Burn Fat—Effectively burns fat while developing muscle.
  • Muscular Endurance—Will strengthen and increase muscular endurance of the grip, wrists, arms, shoulders, back, legs, and rotational muscles.

Functional Fitness is all about movement and muscle training, and by using the HeroStrength “Rescue” Bag we are adding not only weight but support and the right posture to our workouts.

Product Features 

The HeroStrength “Rescue” Bag comes in 4 different sizes, 11”, 17”, 26”, and 37”. Allowing you to choose according to your necessity and level of training.

Made of high-quality synthetic stitched leather, the outer part of the bag consists of three types of handles and straps that allow the execution of many flexible types of exercises by using different grips. 

The HeroStrength “Rescue” Bag allows the user’s muscles to learn fundamental movements, how to apply movements to any workouts, and how to safely perform spinning techniques, while also providing extra strength and support to your back, legs, and arms.

Sample Routine

Our “Rescue” Bag can be used in many ways and in plenty of types of workouts, some examples are:

  • Added to one’s body weight to perform jumps, squats, pull-ups, push-ups, and power crunches.
  • As a dumbbell substitution for weightlifting
  • Part of your squatting routine adding weight to your back.
  • As a warm-up tool, throwing, swinging, pulling, and retreating it.

Look into our entire line of “Rescue” Bags and see which size is more convenient for you. As you progress in your routine, you will start to see and feel the results of your hard work. Prepare to have a new take on your workout routine.

Live mighty!