November 2018 Newsletter

This month’s interview is with Jane Fletcher of the Shred415 in Denver, Colorado. Shred415 is a franchise that began in Chicago. Please enjoy getting to know more about the Shred415 craze that is sweeping the nation!
Q:  Describe for us a typical SHRED415 session. It’s a HIIT workout, correct?
A: Shred415 is a 60-minute high-intensity interval-training class.  Within those 60 minutes clients alternate from treadmills to floor and back again – pace and incline drills on our Woodway treadmills and plyometric and strength work on the floor.  The workouts are insanely effective – fast-paced, fun and high-energy!  While class is generally divided into four 15-minute segments, each instructor programs their own class (no two classes being the same) and may vary the segment times, but all clients will spend an equal amount of time on the treads and decks.
Q: How did the program begin? It was founded in Chicago, right?
A: Shred415 was founded in Chicago in 2011 by two friends/entrepreneurs/boss babes, Bonnie Micheli and Tracy Roemer.  The two knew they wanted to create an inclusive, experiential workout with community as its founding principal.  What started as one studio has expanded to 10 corporate-owned studios and the start of a franchise expansion this year.
Q: How did you first hear about SHRED 415 and become involved?
A: Being originally from the suburbs of Chicago and then a city dweller, I discovered Shred415 along with most of my friends when Bonnie and Tracy opened the first studio doors in Lincoln Park.  Soon after, I moved with my family to Denver, but Shred415 was my studio of choice when traveling back to Chicago for work every month. I loved the opportunity to Shred when I was in Chicago because I was a die-hard for the workout, but also because it gave me the opportunity to connect with my friends and colleagues who were part of the local Shred415 community.
Q: How many locations do you have now? And how soon will we be seeing a SHRED 415 opening out here in California!
A: We opened the first Denver studio on November 3rd! Todd and I plan to open two more studios in central Denver within the next 18 months.  Shred415 franchise locations (open or signed leases) include Milwaukee (two studios), Memphis, Columbus, San Ramon, CA.  Over 50 franchise locations are in the works across the country!
Q: What sort of thing do you look for in hiring your personal trainers? I imagine that high energy is a definite requirement.
A: Passion is #1.  Shred415 prides itself on its team of instructors who are respected and compassionate and welcoming.  This team is rooted in inspiration, motivation and support.  Each instructor acknowledges they are part of a team that puts community first and welcomes every client with open arms.
Q: What is your clientele like? I see you guys also have a SHRED class for kids! I think that’s awesome. I think the sooner we start our kids focusing on making exercise a part of life the better. You’re based in Colorado. I am sure you get some hardcore adrenaline junkies as well!
A: The community is wide ranging. Shred415 welcomes all levels of fitness through safe and effective programming.  We can motivate the most avid of athletes, but there are always modifications for everyone that walks though our doors.  Clients work at their own pace on the treadmills and the floor with the ability to monitor their personal improvement over time using things like “ending warm up pace” and other benchmarks.  Shred415 offers classes throughout the day to meet the needs of its clients.  And we offer childcare during select weekday and weekend classes for parents to workout individually or together!
Q: Be straight with me. Think I could handle a class? I’m forty now; would I walk out with my legs shaking all the way to the parking lot?
A: Ha!  Like I said, we really do welcome every fitness level.  Our goal is to provide clients a safe place to honor their minds and bodies on any given day.  We mix it up because a workout should not be a chore. A workout should offer a release for mind, body and soul and the studio should provide a communal space for clients, instructors and staff to come together and appreciate one another no matter their background.  We work to be better together inside our studio walls to then be better outside of them.
Jane Fletcher
Owner | Shred415 University Hills
P: 312.608.3867
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