37th Annual IHRSA Trade Show

This week, the 37th annual IHRSA trade show is being held in San Diego, California! This is one of the most exciting times of year for the fitness industry.

The Hampton Fitness Booth is #2381. We will be set up from Wednesday March 21st- through Saturday March 24th. We will be showcasing the strength-training products that have become an industry staple ever since we got our start in the fitness business twenty-two years ago. We will have dumbbells, Olympic plates, racks and group ex equipment set up in the booth. Anyone that purchases products at the show will get a special IHRSA discount.

We will also be displaying Hampton Fitness’s new accessory line of products under the Hero Strength name. Medicine balls, plyo-boxes, battle-ropes, and strength-bands will be on hand to see up close and give a test run in person.

Another exciting addition to our booth will be the teaming up of Terra-Core and Hampton Fitness for a giveaway. Terra-Core is an established brand of stability balance trainers which we think are a complimentary product to any strength workout. Particularly if you are looking to increase the difficulty level of your Hero Strength med-ball workouts or while going through your typical set of reps with a set of Hampton dumbbells.

Come by the booth for a chance to win a giveaway of Hampton Fitness, Hero Strength, and Terra-Core products. See for yourself how our gym equipment could benefit your commercial gym, personal training studio, physical therapy space or home gym.

In the above flyer you see our array of Hampton dumbbells on the left, Terra-Core’s stability trainer shown center, and the Hero Strength line of med-balls, wall-balls and gym-balls posted on the bottom right.

We would be happy to set any meeting times in advance and look forward to seeing both familiar and new faces at this, always amazing, trade show.

Thank you for your continued support and joining us in expanding into the accessory legacy of the fitness world!