Reasons to Consider Alternatives to Running

Overall Benefits of Cardio Cardio has been a primary focus in exercise for as long as most can remember! More than just helping you lose weight and build muscle, cardio has some profound health benefits that impact longevity and overall wellness. Some of the many benefits of cardiovascular exercise include: Situations where running might not […]

How to Sustain Your New Year’s Fitness Resolution

Plan Your New Year’s Fitness Resolution It’s almost that time of year again! The time of year when everyone vows to hit the gym more, eat right, and put their phone down more often. Setting a resolution is sometimes for naught but can often inspire real change. When it comes to setting a resolution, what […]

Your Guide to a Great Holiday Workout

Maintain Muscle Mass & Tone Over the Holiday When you think about the holidays, what comes to mind? Some of our biggest associations with the holiday season have to do with food and drinking, from Halloween candy to a Thanksgiving spread. Not to mention Christmas cookies, latkes, and eggnog! It’s easy to go overboard with […]

The Best Football Workouts to Train Like a Top Athlete

If you want to get in peak physical condition, pro football players are the guys to emulate! These impressive athletes spend hours perfecting the ideal physique–plenty of muscle mass for grappling and tackling, incredible stamina for running with the ball, and strong arms! Whether or not you’re a football player, training with the best football […]

Resistance Band Workouts for Speed

Resistance band training is a great way to increase your speed. Resistance bands increase your strength and have a positive correlation to speed training. Key Takeaways: Introduction to Resistance Band Speed Training Bands apply tension to your muscles through resistance. Speed training aims to move your body weight as fast as possible, activating the fast-twitch […]

How to Get Back in Shape After the Holidays

Are You Ready to Improve Your Fitness for the New Year? You are not alone if you’re one of the many people shocked by the number on the scale after weeks of seemingly harmless holiday indulgences. Holiday weight gain is more common than not, with all the extra treats and leftovers lurking in break rooms […]

Post Workout Routines – Recovery Tips – Hampton Fitness

It’s no secret that workout recovery is one of the most important components of your daily workout session. One of the biggest hurdles in developing a post workout routine is understanding that there are multiple components within recovery itself; stretching, healthy eating, supplementing, hygiene and rest. All components must be part of your recovery to […]

Why is Stretching Important After Exercise?

We all know that regular exercise is vital to our overall health. Post pandemic The Center for Disease Control recommends 150 minutes (approximately 20 minutes per day) of moderate-intensity exercise for adults. However, stretching before and after exercise is also very important and very often under-prioritized. While most people understand the importance of warming up […]

Strength Training With Free Weights

When you think about what it takes to get in a great workout, does your mind automatically venture to strength training at the gym? You may even think of military boot camp-type workouts, running marathons, hiring a personal trainer, or spending hours sweating it out on large commercial machines.  Since the 1960s and 70s, when […]

Targeted Body Workouts

It’s time to hit the gym! Maybe it’s the day to hit your upper body hard, or maybe you’re focused on a powerful lower body workout. Either way, you get into the gym and get working. But are you doing workouts that will provide the most benefit for the area you’re focusing on? What types […]