Jesse “Flex” Labreck

Jesse Labreck in grey hampton fitness HMPTN tank, black leggings, sitting on a black and blue hero strength ball

We welcome Jesse “Flex” Labreck, as our FIRST Elite Athlete and Ambassador for both HeroStrength and Hampton Fitness. 32-year-old Jesse, is best known for her ground-breaking, ceiling-shattering runs on the show American Ninja Warrior for 7 seasons straight. She’s also spent the last 7+ years training, competing, coaching, and becoming the role model for girls everywhere as she takes the ANW nation by storm. She not only holds the title of the first rookie woman to qualify for the Vegas Nationals during Season Eight of American Ninja Warrior, but as of most recent, she took home the gold at the Second Annual ANW Women’s Championship. She has also participated in Ninja Vs. Ninja for Season Two and Season Three as captain of the “Labreckfast Club”. During Season three of Ninja Vs. Ninja, her team made it to the playoffs and was the only team captained by a woman. She continues to defy the odds every competition, and smashing through that glass ceiling like the true badass she is.

Jesse Labreck has also opened a Ninja Warrior gym in Naperville, Illinois called Ultimate Ninjas Naperville. There she provides classes for children as well as adults to help them build self-confidence. She’s not only an athlete but an all-around amazing human on and off the course, that we’re beyond proud to have on our team.

We’re so PUMPED to have her on board to show you what it means to truly be a #rarebreed. There’s many exciting things to come!