Jonathan Horton

Male in black hampton fitness HMPTN shirt with blue stencil style lettering

Welcome Jonathan Horton to Team Hampton! A 2x Olympic Gymnastics medalist, Olympic Team USA Captain, and 7x Ninja Warrior, Jonathan knows what it means to face challenges head-on. His gymnastics competition, “The Horton Challenge”, is now the biggest in the nation. This is just one of the ways he is inspiring others to face challenges and discover the best version of yourself – and now he’s joined Team Hampton to continue the movement. Off the rings, he’s not only an olympian and ninja, but has a heart of gold to match. He’s a family man, speaker, and author who aims to encourage and spark team unity amidst military, schools, businesses, and now the fitness industry.

For 28 years, Jonathan dedicated his life to the sport of gymnastics. Although he wasn’t the most talented child to ever walk through the doors of a training facility, he battled his way to becoming a champion on the collegiate, national, world, and Olympic stages, winning two Olympic medals at the 2008 and 2012 Olympic games.

Since retiring from elite competition, Horton has gone on to compete 5x on the popular NBC television show, American Ninja warrior, and has partnered in creating a traveling ninja experience company called “Ninja Coalition.” The company has traveled nationwide to provide a unique inspirational and team building experience for corporations, small businesses, churches, schools, military bases, and more.

Recently, Jonathan wrote his first published book titled “If I had known” which is geared toward young people with ambitious athletic and entrepreneurial goals. He hopes to share personal stories and lessons with the next generation that can help them succeed without the same trials and adversities that he experienced while pursuing the Olympics.

His goal is to bring hope to people from all walks of life to press on and remember that success isn’t about how we start, but how strong we finish. And we couldn’t be more happy to have him on our team!