Full Body Dumbbell and Bench Workout

Choosing a full-body dumbbell and bench workout has major transformation advantages. This comprehensive workout choice offers a versatile routine that fires every muscle group while improving functional strength balance and sparks a higher caloric burn. Let’s explore these tips and benefits, showcasing how this workout can help you reach your fitness goals! Key Takeaways Why […]

Lower Back Dumbbell Exercises for Strength and Balance

If you’ve ever said, “I just need a new back,“ lower-back dumbbell exercises may give you that proverbial new back you’ve needed for so long. Strengthening your lower back while using dumbbells is vital for core stability and minimizing the risk of injury. In today’s post, we will review the importance of including lower back […]

Are Cables Better Than Dumbbells?

If you’re new to fitness, you may wonder why some people prefer cable machines while others remain dedicated to dumbbells. Both options have their advantages but also depend on your unique fitness goals. This post will break down the differences and help you decide what’s best for your fitness plan.  Key Takeaways Cable Machines Versus […]

Hampton Jelly-Bell dumbbells

In our biggest and brightest colors yet! Welcome to the Hampton Fitness Newsletter for September 2019. They are finally here! Our two new Hampton Jelly-Bell ® dumbbells in our biggest and brightest colors yet!  We have been going to IHRSA trade shows for more than twenty years. So many commercial gym trainers come by the booth. […]