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HeroStrength Fit Bands. Band Workouts are perfect for personal training, physical therapy, and home gyms. Band exercises are popular due to the controlled movements and resistance-training that is so popular in today’s fitness market. You can easily take the bands with you anywhere and have a cost (and space) effective workout at your fingertips. Bands work your arms, back, legs, and gluteal muscles without needing to purchase expensive equipment or a long-term gym-membership. HeroStrength Fit Bands come in black, orange, blue, green, purple, and red.

A space-effective workout you can take on-on-the-go. Slips easily in your suitcase for a travel workout at your hotel

Latex material is durable enough to withstand the most advanced strength workout

Effective for those beginning band workout training

Use for pilates, yoga, physical therapy, or rehabilitation

Bands are quickly becoming one of the most popular workout items for Instagram fitness stars who are looking to show off a great workout with easily accessible items

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