Q and A with Steve Patton

This month our Q and A is with Steve Patton. Steve is a long-time Hampton customer but holds a special place in our hearts because he is also a disabled customer who continues to come back to Hampton when buying product and keeps in touch with us like old family. Please take time to read […]

Q and A with Ralph Ferraiolo at Ferraiolo Fitness

Q: How did you get your start in the fitness world? A: After lifting weights, running & bike riding my whole life, including 24 years in the corporate world, I started training professionally 15 years ago. Although my goal was to bring to others what had served me so well over the years, I did not […]

“Baywatch” Stars Switched to Weight-Lifting to Get Swimsuit Ready

Anyone over the age of 30 thinks of one thing, and one thing only, when they think of the “Baywatch” T.V show which premiered in 1989…the iconic red swimsuit. The stars of the 2017 film version of the “Baywatch” reboot have given multiple interviews to health magazine, fitness websites, and the mini-van-mom’s favorite magazine “People” […]

Q and A with Instagrammer Charlie Johnson

Charlie Johnson has over 60,000 followers and regularly posts his workouts, inspiration and selfies. Charlie is a personal trainer and online coach from the U.K. You can follow Charlie @johnsoncharles197 Q: First off, where are you from and what is your role in the fitness world? A: I am from Surrey, just south of London. I […]

High Intensity Strength Workouts

All the time we hear about HIIT workouts- High Intensity Interval Training typically done through moves that are most associated with cardio. But you can still get a HIIT workout by using barbells, dumbbells and kettlebells. With the bonus of incorporating strength training into what feels like a cardio speed workout. You will burn a […]

Going to the Gym to Escape

As you head into the cardio room at your gym one of the first things that people do is scan for availability at their favorite machine. The second often entails looking into which gym member they will be doing intervals next to for the next forty-five minutes. No one wants the sweaty guy who looks […]

UK Blogger Kerllen Rego Interview

This month’s interview is with Kerllen Rego who is a fitness blogger in the UK. Kerllen has over 300,000 instagram followers via the handle @healthy_fitmum and through her blog Healthy Fit Mum. Kerllen posts inspiring photos of her fitness experiences, eating adventures and life with her children daily. She is definitely one to watch! Interview […]

Kyle Brown-Latham Interview

This month’s interview is with Kyle Brown-Lathym. Kyle was just featured in Men’s Health. After being in an accident, Kyle found himself unable to do his physical therapy and eating in a way that was causing him to pile on 95 lbs. in 4 months. His highest weight was at 395 lbs. When Kyle decided […]