A Focus On Functional Fitness

Are you just starting in Functional Fitness or are you experienced, looking for a new tool for your training? If your answer is yes, we have the perfect tool and routine for you. Get ready to engage with the HeroStrength® “Rescue” Bag! A new tool that will become your best gym partner. Functional Fitness’ main […]

Medicine Ball Ab Workouts

You’ve seen it before. One minute, it’s the fitness craze everyone is raving about. The next minute, it’s gone with the wind—just another exercise fad. When you’re working out, you’re looking for more like a fitness aid that’s tried and true, that’s been tested by generations. That’s where the medicine ball comes in. It’s a […]

February Promos

Hampton Fitness Gel Bars and HeroStrength “Rescue” Bags are 25% off the month of February and the HeroStrength “Focus Mat” is only $50.

Shoulder Workouts with Jelly-Bells

When it comes to creating an adequate workout, the tools that we choose to use take the reins and lead our workout are important, so it is essential to choose the right ones. When it comes to shoulder workouts, we need to make sure the tool we are using is specifically built for our needs. […]

Get A Full-Body Workout With Rope Exercises

In today’s busy, fast-paced world, we know it’s tough to give your fitness the time it deserves. It’s all too easy to skip hours on your treadmill in favor of fitting in another Zoom meeting. You need to maximize what time you have to make your workouts as efficient as possible without settling for a […]

Elevate Your Strength Training

Are you ready to go beyond free weights and elevate your strength training? We know the answer is yes, so now comes the real question. Are you ready to add a sandbag workout to your routine? The average sandbag just won’t cut it for a Rare Breed like yourself, so get ready to meet the […]