Hampton Fitness Products Warranty Info

Defective products will be repaired or replaced at no charge. Freight charges are the responsibility of the buyer. Return of defective parts may be required for warranty. Any price adjustment or replacement will be determined upon examination of returned product.


Hampton Dumbbells are designed for years of heavy use and are the most durable, maintenance-free dumbbells in our industry. However, as with any dumbbells, they are not designed to be dropped, thrown or otherwise abused. Repeated dropping or other abuse of dumbbells may result in bent handles. Bent handles indicate abuse and may be excluded from our warranty. We strongly urge you to prevent your members from dropping, throwing or otherwise abusing your Hampton Dumbbells. Maintaining a standard of responsible
behavior in your free weight area will surely protect your equipment and more importantly your members.

  • Pro-Style Dumbbells require maintenance. Loosening of Pro-Style Dumbbells is considered normal wear and therefore not covered under warranty.
  • A limited 5 year warranty applies to the structural integrity of the Dura-Bell Dumbbells and Dura-Pro Dumbbells.
  • Pro Hex dumbbells have a 2 year warranty on the structural integrity only.
  • Neoprene dumbbells are not covered under warranty.
  • Chrome Dumbbells carry a 5 year structural warranty. Coating not warranted.
  • Gel-Grip Series Urethane Dumbbells carry a 5 year warranty.
  • E-Rings for Eclipse Dumbbells are not covered under warranty.


  • All plates manufactured by Hampton Fitness carry a 5 year structural integrity warranty.
  • PBP-5 and PBP-10 are not covered under warranty.
  • PBP-25, 35, 45 carry a 5 year structural integrity warranty.


  • A limited 5 year structural integrity warranty applies to all 1500 LB Series Olympic bars.
  • (Bending is considered abuse)
  • A lifetime warranty applies to IB-86 7CE Series in residential settings only.
  • IB 86 500 and IB 47 Olympic bar and curl bar carry no warranties.
  • IB-72ACE training bars are not covered under any warranty


  • Machine Bars have a lifetime structural integrity warranty, coating not warranted.


  • Gel-Bar, Jelly Bells, and Gel-Pump System carry a 5 year warranty on the urethane coating.
  • Kettle Bells are not covered under warranty due to the nature of their use.


  • All Hampton racks have a 5 year Commercial Warranty.
  • Saddles and BBR-10 Knobs and Nylon Sleeves are not covered under warranty.

***All cast iron products carry a 5% weight tolerance***
***All machined products carry a 3% weight tolerance***

*The purchaser is solely responsible for proper use of all Hampton products. Improper use may result in personal injury. Hampton assumes no risk and shall be subject to no liability for any direct, special, incidental or consequential damages sustained by the buyer in the products ordered, or resulting from the application of products. *